Need help managing indirect hires? We’ve got your back!

Managing the day-to-day of your company and its employees is hard enough. Let us take care of the payroll and administration for your indirect hires so you can focus more on what matters to you. Our employer of record services will take on employee classification responsibilities, clerical duties, and relationship management while acting as a payrolling service for your temporary workers, freelancers, independent contractors, part-timers, and other non-full-time employees. Our employer of record solutions streamlines your indirect hire processes, saving you both time and money.


Let us deal with the data.

There’s nothing quite like an extra set of hands. How about a dozen? Our expert team of professionals will navigate the paper trail along the talent landscape, finding invaluable shortcuts along the way.

As the employer of record for your indirect hires, we assume all employee classification responsibilities, absorb all relationship management and clerical duties, and protect you from sensitive co-employment issues. And we do it all at a competitive rate that saves you money.

Solutions That Scale

“Our delivery isn’t off-the-shelf, it’s unique to you.”

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