Clinical Engineering Departments have an essential role with medical devices

Every organization is unique in its desire and ability to support clinical equipment and medical devices. This is based on numerous factors from third-party oversight, original equipment manufacturer contracts, to in-house clinical engineering programs regardless of who is maintaining these clinical technologies, these groups of individuals should have the engineering/technical talent to succeed.

There has always been a limited pool of candidates that have the highly specialized skills required to meet the medical industry’s demands. Now it has become even more difficult to find candidates with industry-specific expertise in such areas as regulatory affairs, quality assurance, research and development, engineering, and product development. Elite ProTek will assist you in recruiting candidates to fill these technical and managerial positions.

Recognizing that now it’s more challenging than ever to find quality talent, we’ve developed a committee with high visibility to ensure that the recruitment process has been raised to the next level for attracting the top talent.

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