where to shoot a deer from a treestand

However, the tree stand locations that you can safely enter, hunt and exit with no danger of spooking deer often places you out-of-range. By remaining seated, I’ve found that if a deer appears, I need only move my left arm to grab the bow hanging from the hook on the tree limb slightly above me. Guest Shoot Me Down: Quartering-To Shots Shouldn't be Taboo ... Where To Shoot A Deer Diagram : 10hunting - 10 Hunting . Portable climbing treestands afford hunters the ability to go mobile, moving in concert with deer and paralleling their seasonal patterns. Also, make sure in your practice routine to add in seated and odd angled shots. The more realistic the decoys, the better. I had a wide open shot at the buck. My question is: If I would've listened to my husband, would I be putting my hands on that buck? My husband says to aim normal, maybe raise the pin an inch higher then center body mass. Will that be the same with my bow and any other useful tips for hunting whitetails from a tree stand would be appreciated. How can you use this information to enhance your 2018 firearms season? 3. I came up with the safest tree stand hunting list after 40 years of stand hunting on the eastern plains of Colorado, around the Midwest and in the South. My last 2 deer i put it right in the heart/lung shot and both times the shot blew out their back. Hunting from an elevated position can be extremely effective for getting into bow range of deer; but shooting a bow from a stand requires the correct technique to seal the deal and fill a tag. This weekend I ranged a deer at 27 yards, so I aimed lower like my brother-in-law said and shot just under the buck. As diehard bowhunters, we understand the importance of proper and ethical shot placement. With the sun rising and deer on the move, tree stand placement should not be underestimated and should always be properly planned. If at all possible, spend some time practicing from an actual treestand before the opening day of the archery season. However, in this article, we will look at how to shoot a compound bow from a tree stand. Or they might aim for the same spot where they normally shoot, depending on the drop and distance. Finding the trails for entry and exit from the food plot is the key. He says you want your treestand where you can shoot the field but also in a position to shoot behind you if the deer approach from that side. - Deer ... 350 Legend The Ultimate Cartridge – Midwest Hunting & Fishing. Of the 493 deer harvested, deer shot in a vital area involving the heart and/or lungs ran significantly shorter distances than those shot further back. Our goal as bowhunters is a double-lung hit. The difference shooting from a tree stand or the ground at 100 yards as far as bullet drop is concerned is so small it's barely measurable. With deer hunting, the perfect tree for a stand and hottest buck sign doesn’t always match up. Practice From Above. Shooting deer from a treestand with your bow is significantly different than shooting them from the ground. No matter where you set your zero, or what sight you choose, the key to accurate shooting from a treestand is to practice from a treestand - while wearing your hunting gear. Although the heart shot is extremely deadly if penetrated, the safest shot is to follow the back of the deer’s front leg up into the chest cavity a few inches higher than the heart to pass through both of the deer’s lungs. Again, make sure you can see the decoy and position your shotgun from your tree stand; you don’t want to have to stand up and move around to get ready. As being a hunter, you should be aware that killing the deer with arrow is really technical and skillful job because as compare to riffle you don’t have that speed benefits and accuracy so you need to be really perfect before shooting an arrow to deer. Shooting from a tress stand can be done with practically any type of bow. If hunting from an elevated tree stand, keep in mind your exit point where your broadhead will pass through. D. B. A few inches can basically be the difference between a buck in the back of the truck and a wounded deer or missed shot. I've never had a problem with this factor and I tend to ignore it at short archery ranges. When my dad and i went on our first few deer hunts together, and we began looking for good places to sit, there were two key things he usually emphasized: he would say, "Hunt where you know the deer are and sit where you can see good." A treestand overlooking the area of high deer activity but is hard to hunt without being detected. This is my first year archery hunting whitetail deer in eastern South Dakota. Bowhunters should select trees that provide plenty of concealment when in the treestand. If you aim at the belly line, you will center punch him with a double lung shot. I've shot deer from the base of my tree to 165 yards. C. A tree stand overlooking an area that has some activity but is easier to hunt without being busted by swirling winds. Shoot from all position you can to become comfortable with awkward shooting situations. Meanwhile, deer approaching from in front of you will struggle to see you with the sun in their eyes. A deer is 3D and the vitals are in the middle. The main deal is "aiming for the exit". He stepped into a small clearing from a heavily wooded area and was standing facing me, so I aimed for the front of his chest. What I would like to know is how will my arrow be affected when shooting from a 16 foot tree stand? The higher you go, the harder this becomes, especially on deer within 10 yards of your stand — … Again i am not a bad shot at all and my scope puts a grouping of 5 shots in a circle about the size of a gatorade bottle at 50 yards. The shooting angle to a deer's vital area is much better from a lower height. Where To Shoot a Deer. It was about a 100-yard shot with a scoped .308 Browning BLR from a tree stand about 12-15 feet off the ground. Knight advises to place your treestand where the deer can’t see the ladder section. I know with rifles and hand guns when when you shoot down the bullet rises considerably . However, shooting from a treestand significantly changes the path of your arrow as it travels to and through your target. A large portion of bowhunters choose to climb into a treestand when hunting whitetails to help them avoid detection. That also ensures less light hits your face and clothing, eliminating or reducing game-spooking glare. Shooting at an animal with a bow from a tree stand can be one of the most difficult shots you may make. When bowhunting from a treestand that’s roughly 20 feet high and shooting at deer 15 yards or more away, bowhunters might need to aim slightly lower than they would when shooting from ground level. Obviously, preventing deer from detecting human odor is a building block of deer hunting. When shootign a shotgun out of a treestand will the shot tend to be about 12" high? It works, too, until a whitetail deer shows up in your shooting lane at an angle you hadn’t even anticipated. So if you hunt from 20+ ft up and are shooting down at the deer, disregard this "no kill zone". Your elevated position affects your arrow trajectory, requiring you to make some key adjustments to bring down game successfully. Sometimes you simply can’t reach these high-traffic areas without bumping deer in the process. If you are too low on the body and happen to miss the heart, you will not get the deer. September 5, 2017. Shooting uphill, downhill, or at a downward angle from a tree stand causes the arrow’s point of impact to be HIGHER, in nearly all cases, than if you had taken the shot from the same distance on level ground. After determining the most likely places deer will appear, hang your treestand to ensure minimal movements when executing a shot. Things to Consider Before Shooting Deer. When shooting from an elevated platform, you won’t be aiming at the same point on the body as you would when shooting from ground level. Shooting from a tree stand is believed to maximize the precision of your shots among other advantages. A gut-shot deer will take a long time to die, so you've got a responsibility to find it and speed up the process. Poor form and incorrect yardage estimation can make the problem seem worse. So what is the deal? Oct 30, 2015 #6 . Here are some tips that will help you start off with shooting from a tree stand. Keri Butt We’ve heard it a thousand times, but it’s true – time really does fly like a launched arrow. brookie1, Oct 30, 2015. brookie1, Oct 30, 2015. randall729 likes this. If the deer is 10 yards from your treestand and you aim at the lungs, center of the body, you will probably hit high in the back. So, climb in that stand! The exact spot to place your arrow depends largely on the height of your stand and the distance to the deer. When shooting at an angle, the drop of the projectile is reduced, so you need to make sure your pins are sighted in from tree stand height. Archery deer-hunting pointer: Practice shooting from tree stand rather than from ground level. ENCORE Premium Member. Proper aiming points are best determined by practicing from elevated positions. I spent a good portion of the Labor Day weekend with my husband prepping for bow season, which will kick off in only a few weeks. And that's where to shoot a deer. Then it becomes an issue. Convinced that you cannot beat being elevated when it comes to hunting success, I also wanted to ensure that my hunts would be safe and enjoyable. I rest the bottom cam on my left thigh so I’m not holding the full weight of the bow. Twenty yards and out, I aim right where I want to hit. Top 5 Best Places to Shoot a Deer and Kill It Instantly. All of it. Honor the animal, and be the best prepared you can be for it. I shot (at) a deer, my first time from a tree stand, this afternoon. While traditional towers, shooting houses, and box blinds offer convenience, smart hunters realize they must venture farther to find the woody haunts where pressured deer hide. Shooting down from a high tree stand, however will probably hit the lungs or spine - it would be almost impossible to pass between lungs and spine shooting down at the deer without hitting lungs or spine. Importantly, there were no significant differences in the efficiency of firearms when grouped by caliber. Follow the blood through the foliage. Shooting downhill at 45 degrees over 400 yards? Set the decoy up about 20 yards from your tree stand, so that you can still take an ethical shot if a gobbler hangs up beyond it. Archery tackle is more of an issue due to slow speed- larger LOS/LOD angle. Taking it to the Field. Would You Shoot This Deer the State Says is Special? If a deer is directly below me, I would not shoot and hope to get a better shot after he moved out. Up in a stand stuff just looks farther, because there is no foreshortening (perspective when looking from the ground). My tree stand is 22-feet high and I have been told to aim low when shooting at a deer. There are exceptions, but we should set up to achieve that. If there is little chance of the deer entering cover in the next few yards, it's probably best to wait until the angle becomes less extreme. When shooting your bow from the treetops, follow these pointers and you’ll keep more arrows in the kill zone this season. The Broadside Shot. A ground blind on the edge of a large crop field that affords a large field of view but minimal shot potential. Deer move quickly, even when wounded, and it's possible for them to cover quite a bit of ground after being shot mortally. Broadside shot is the ideal angle and it gives the bowhunter a straight shot to exposed vitals and a large target for a lethal hit.

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