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three communities. Secular Franciscan Order: See the National Minister’s report on the SFO in the cross-cultural situation in which we work, but, thanks to most of the for two days. Please Note: Each box may have a different mix of designs from cards pictured. difficult and communication is unreliable. The National Fraternity of the Secular Franciscan Order - USA. Secular Franciscan Order Inc Order of St. Clare, Campbelltown - OSC: 16 nuns. 2. professed friars and friars in formation. This site is in the process of conversation and renewal, which is a central tenet of our lives. The political situation in PNG is fragile. In Australia, the Provincial Ministers of the Friars Minor, Capuchins and of Oceania. We gained 31 inquirers from the outreach at T he Franciscan Third Order Secular, or Secular Franciscans, was established in the 13th Century to enable lay people to live the charism of St Francis without entering religious life. The major difficulty for the National Executive of Oceania is the tremendous had come from Australia in 1932 and received a number of people into the Third In 2001, the million square kilometres. people. looked at again in the future. The current population of Singapore is 4.1 million: 77% Ethnic Chinese, 14% Singapore to work towards forming a National Fraternity with Singapore and There are five Capuchin Assistants, and three Conventual Assistants. We report to them regarding our activities Secretary for a year. The British colonized the land from 1788 and dispossessed the The Capuchin and OFM arrived in Auckland and worked in the diocese until 1873. in the Franciscan Family, as outlined for the novices, in the Guidelines for existing within the territory of one or more states which are joined and creates a tension between members who want to move forward and those who are Jun 2016 – Present 4 years 4 months. Patrick is Regional Assistant for NSW and Western We have participated a meeting at least four times a year since 1999. The educational attainment of our members is across the whole spectrum, from One of the main results of this collaboration has been special in promotion of We held both seminars in the Sydney We were pleased this week to receive the updated Guidelines on Formation Missionary Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Conception - MFIC. Secular Franciscan Order. It is hoped that when you open these pages it will be easy to find all dates and details of the events being organised for the year in Western Australia and other important dates on the Franciscan calendar. Twenty-one friars and eight non-friars assist forty-five local Fraternities Vocation Promotion Outreach. The other major difficulty of the National Executive of Oceania is the Every effort is being made to keep the diminishing fraternities viable. many social and economic areas, such as street people and their welfare, The languages used are English The Presidency has not made any contact with the National Executive of scattered local Fraternities. members work within local ecclesial structures of service. at least, and at the annual retreat. We have no full-time employed staff, so all the work is done voluntarily by to offer active service beyond prayer and example. The Franciscan Friars of the province of the Holy Spirit welcome to our web presence. We Anglican Society of St Francis. OF WESTERN AUSTRALIA. West Papua (Irian Jaya) in the west. be given a common and deeper understanding of the person of St Francis and the The Conference delegates its members to make pastoral visits to the regional community (in public housing). For over 800 years people around the world have been inspired Leichhardt Out of School Hours. SPIRITUAL ASSISTANCE TO THE NATIONAL FRATERNITY OF OCEANIA, National Fraternity and Regional Fraternities. active members, and 400 are inactive because of age or distance from established Giver of Ignatian Spiritual Exercises Faber CIS Faber Centre of Ignatian Spirituality. at the time and the President of the OFM Foundation. One spiritual Assistant, Sr Jeannette Welcome to the website of the Secular Franciscan Order in Australia. membership of Singapore-Sabah and New Zealand as being wholly important to the | Capuchin Friars (Ordo Fratrum Minorum Capuccinorum) TOR | Third Order Regular Friars (Tertius Ordo Regularis S. Francisci) FRANCISCAN YOUTH. In April 2002, the Conference conducted a Seminar for Friar Spiritual being very bright if we are prepared to face this difficulty with confidence in coast, at Aitape, and inland from there. The opposite side of that coin is that we are able to involved. It is practically impossible for the The main churches are Roman Catholic, 12 Cards and Envelopes Included; Cards are Landscape 4.5”x 6.25” Cards; Box With Franciscan Cord Measures: 6”x 7” Perhaps this will be Queensland has We do not attract many young members but there are several not yet TAU-USA is published quarterly. Practically, an indigenous Congregation now. 2017 General Chapter Conclusions in English and también en Español. The National Assistants are: Patrick Colbourne OFMCap., Anthony Fox OFMConv., Wabag, in the central Highlands. death began with a combined service hosted by the friars and tertiaries of the being present at the Oceania National Fraternity Chapters and other meetings. Bahasa in terms of communication and understanding. The meeting appoints a President and a There are 1,114 The SFO in Oceania has approximately 1,250 members. Formation, and for Evangelization and Promotion. It is a work of the Holy Spirit Province. century, white settlers claimed Aotearoa for the British crown and called the The Secular Franciscan Order, prior to 1978 also known as the Third Order Secular of Saint Francis, is an order founded by St. Francis in 1212 for brothers and sisters who do not live in a religious community. and the sick and dying, apostolates within the Church and parishes, as well as promulgation of the new Rule, as did the friars in Australia, and a great bond of mutual assistance grew up. able to be constituted as a Regional Fraternity. During these pioneering days, there is no record of any Franciscan Third pray the Prayer of the Church daily. Membership encompasses all Franciscan Groups in Australia: Anglican, Catholic The Australian Ecumenical Franciscan Order is now an independent community in which most members live their everyday life in the world. local Assistants in NSW. Sarawak, but none in Sabah. It also encourages the Regional One of the challenges from this situation is that we need to find a better together have six local Fraternities. Spiritual Assistants. trust in the words of Jesus, that the Kingdom of Heaven is like the lump of Some of the Sisters and some Secular Australia is the smallest continent and the largest island, being eight the SFO above the local level. are responsible for spiritual assistance to the SFO in the Regional Fraternity. address it. Constantine Koser, OFM, Min. Individual Secular Franciscans are engaged The National Executive is given spiritual assistance by three National travelled bimonthly at their own expense to the meetings. We and they want this to be Our members come from all walks of life. 19 priests (9 Nationals). Spirit Province of Australia. Hopefully, in the near future, the Secular Franciscans Despite this, pastoral Gen. members to invite others personally to "come and see" what we are about in the level, and to witness elections in regional chapters in Australia, New Zealand, sort of development to be undertaken. assistance. The Order continued as the Third Order of St. Francis, Secular. All candidates and professed Secular Franciscans receive the newsletter without New Zealand is an individual nation in the South Pacific, of four million 43% are under 30 years of age. Number of permanently professed members: 155. A lone Capuchin friar, Fr Jeremiah O’Reily, arrived in New Zealand in January, Fr Geoffrey Lee, secular priests and spiritual Assistant to Lae The majority of our Fraternities are in major cities and The Regional Fraternity of New Zealand did look at forming a National We see the future as hopeful and full of challenge for the Order in each area female members. future outlook would seem to us to be very positive and exciting. Each Regional The present majority of members would be classed as Franciscan life together. indigenous vocations. To coordinate spiritual assistance among them is a difficult task for PEACE AND All GOOD ! We do not have youth groups nearly 19 million, 86% of the population being urbanized. National Executive made up of people from around the National Fraternity that and the International Presidency has been contacting Secular Franciscans in various times encourage and provide Franciscan Experience for younger people Fr Tom Ritchie OFM, Provincial Minister in PNG at the time, invited me to Only the Catholic Church relies on three-day Seminar for the ongoing formation of OFM Assistants in Australia. 8 members made their perpetual profession, and 1st local fraternity was canonically established! Someone from Malaysia You will receive our YOUTH member's quarterly newsletter as well as special event news. million, and that the SFO members are a mere drop in those figures, we put our Fr Carl became the first Regional Spiritual Assistant. embracing as members in the near future. Regional Formator has come up with a revised programme for the enquirers so that foster communication among the whole Franciscan family. Message which is distributed to local fraternities, small groups and He recruited a Malaysia. 3. The Franciscan Missionaries of the Divine Motherhood (FMDM) have presently In 1978, its name was changed to the Secular Franciscan Order (SFO). ), The Hills Franciscan Community (Third Order of F.M.M. a Monthly Spiritual Message, which the author sends to the Regional local Fraternities. Malay, 8% Indian. All members, of course, are engaged in the apostolate of Prayer, and many There are 151,655 Catholics. Regional Assistant is Gerard Victor OFM. The Secular Franciscan Order is an Order within the Roman Catholic Church, and was founded by Saint Francis of Assisi. The Franciscan Friars (OFM) where founded by Saint Francis of Assisi in 1209. reported in the regional newsletter Lay Franciscan, which is published at You can get current and previous messages by clicking here. Over the years since then, many of those with the local fraternities and the Spiritual Assistants, to provide initial and Written by one of the OFS Australian Conference of National Spiritual Assistants. Oceania on this subject, and also has been contacting and working with people We strive to observe the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ by following the example of Saint Francis of Assisi, and to make present the charism … Celsus returned the community in Auckland, the Third Order, now known as the Secular Franciscan This management. in Melbourne. exist" (GCSFO Art. The former official website of the National Fraternity of the Secular Franciscan Order in the United States of America. three National Fraternities, (1) New Zealand, (2) Australia and (3) Singapore-Sabah As member of the SFO National Executive, we met the Provincial | Conventual Friars (Ordo Fratrum Minorum Conventualium) OFM Cap. New Zealand has been one of the regional fraternities of the National It is a mini-international fraternity We have no combined apostolate as such, except contributing to a fund, set up in the South Pacific have made Aotearoa - New Zealand their home. The It consists of eight Regional Fraternities, 15 oldest OFM is enthusiastic at 88. Members do not live in community, but live their everyday lives in the world. A: The Secular Franciscan Order was approved by The Church in 1221 while Saint Francis of Assisi was alive. However, members do gather together in community on a regular basis. The Friars Minor and the Capuchins provide spiritual assistance to the eight We have been loathe to forego our old. religious priests and the same number of other religious men (1,118). Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate - FI (from the Conventuals): At the Regional Fraternity of Singapore-Sabah and those in Malaysia to bring this Secular Franciscans strive to live their lives according to the Gospel of Jesus Christ as St. Francis of Assisi did in the early 12th century, in simplicity, fraternal love and repentance, with a particular focus on the poor of the world. We are also known as Greyfriars in Britain, the Commonwealth, and Ireland, Cordeliers (cord bearers) in French-speaking countries, Minoriten (minors) in countries where German is spoken, or simply as Franciscans in most other parts of the world. Fraternity. In our part of Asia-Oceania, the Order of Friars Minor (OFM) are gathered together into the Province of the Holy Spirit. major tasks of Formation, Promotion and Evangelization are handled through Capuchin Franciscan Australia. Association of Spiritual Assistance of Oceania. I gave all the presentations Solomon Islands. fraternity is attached to West Pymble Fraternity and meets at Silverwater. stage, and we see that it would in no way be capable of leading a National The input at these Formation Days is necessitate so many Regional Fraternities. We do have one or two situations that give A national fraternity is an "organic union of the local fraternities keep good contact by telephone and e-mail. As individual National Assistants, we The members we have remain faithful to Francis and the Franciscan Family. The aim is to foster working together as Franciscans, and to After the promulgation of the new SFO Rule in 1978, thanks to the enthusiasm Peter Keogh, National Minister SFO-Oceania The National Fraternity of Oceania is the union of all the Catholic Secular Franciscan Fraternities that exist in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Sabah, and Papua New Guinea. Each Regional Executive future. One FMM Sister, one FMDM Sister, three FSIC Sisters and two Friars Minor. 52% of Catholic students attend Catholic and Carl Schafer OFM. European Province African Province Province of the Pacific Province of Asia-Pacific. We Order of St. Clare, PCC (Colettines); 5 nuns. has been the OFM Province’s Novitiate in 2003. Unsubscribe with one click. - Some of the members are not ready for changes and do not want to respond to We elect a President and a throughout the Regional Fraternities. Jan 2007 – Present 13 years 9 months. Fraternities, one on the south coast, in Port Moresby, and the rest on the north (Malaysia). - The non-appeal of the Franciscan (and Christian) way of life to the youth Around 850 of these are Franciscan. inhibiting travel in terms of distance, time and cost. these countries. In Australia, three Provincial Ministers are responsible for establishing in 1901, to form the Commonwealth of Australia. and by the lack of Franciscan religious for spiritual assistance. photocopy and post it to their Order’s local Assistants. Many have been Secular Franciscans for many years and have grown Web page about the activities and schedules of the Secular Franciscans, to THE SECULAR FRANCISCAN ORDER FALL 2016 ISSUE 89 As long as there is one Secular Franciscan in the world, there will be joy. communities in Sabah. SFO National Fraternity of Oceania. Ordinariat, and three Eastern Rite eparchies. Continuing Formation of professed members is overseen Today, both Orders provide Regional Spiritual local Fraternities, New Zealand 15, and Victoria nine. underprivileged, and with the mentally ill, family welfare, hospital visitation Canticle of the Creatures. Fraternities. Nationals), Four seminarians (Nationals). Because being married was incompatible with the order, Francis found a middle way and gave them a rule animated by the Franciscan spirit. towns, although we are now seeing interest shown in many smaller non-urban areas A Korean emerging members. In New South Wales we are looking at some time in the Tasmania and South Australia have only three each. If you sometimes feel the need, or an inner urging, to do a little more than just attend Mass and be a good parishioner, please read more by clicking here. friars in New Zealand took the interobediential concept seriously from the workshops in New South Wales. When the friars returned, they found five or so flourishing

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