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Laura explains that Mr. Hanson died peacefully a few months later, happy in the knowledge that the town he loved would live on. Then Laura is injured when a tornado strikes, and she becomes angry when she discovers the calamitous effect upon their house. It is soon discovered that Albert is hooked on morphine, which increasingly causes his behavior to be violent and eventually leads Charles to take drastic measures to help his son withdraw from the drug. However, it falls into jeopardy when Bunny, Laura's horse, is badly injured and has to be put down. Charles and Caroline decide to also move to Winoka in order to be near Mary. Her younger brother, Willie, can be sweet but Nellie usually talks him into going her way and going against the Ingalls girls. The judge initially decides to have Matthew placed in a mental hospital for his protection, but after a heartfelt and tearful speech by Mr. Edwards, he allows Matthew to stay with him in Walnut Grove as long as he keeps it quiet. The following is a list of episodes for the television show Little House on the Prairie, an American Western drama about a family living on a farm in Walnut Grove, Minnesota from the 1870s to the 1890s.The show is a full-colour version of Laura Ingalls Wilder's series of Little House books. However, after a talk with her father, she goes back with Charles, and at a church meeting Mary takes on her opponents, and it emerges that Miss Peel cannot read, which is why she misquotes the Bible. When Adam Simms (Joshua Bryant) and his shoeless son Luke move to town, Adam instantly takes a liking to Miss Eva Beadle, while Luke and Nellie fall in love. Along the way, he takes lodgings in Tracy and meets a beautiful Irish woman named Molly. When the lawyer returns after winding up the estate, he explains to Charles that, because of Uncle Ned's eccentric and profligate lifestyle, his whole estate was eaten up by debts and legal costs, and all that is left is a box containing worthless Confederate banknotes. As part of a school project, Albert becomes pen pals with a girl in Minneapolis named Leslie (Suzy Gilstrap). Eliza Jane falls in love with Harve Miller (James Cromwell), a friend of Almanzo's who has come to live in Walnut Grove. Andy takes the wolf and her babies home to care for them. Ultimately, he chooses to remain in Walnut Grove for his last days, where he spends his time making special memories and receives the offer of a four-year scholarship from the university he had planned on attending. The movie ends with Miss Plum and the children joining hands in a circle around Laura and Albert, who join their own hands and raise them high, both in celebration and as a symbol of their bond. When the Garveys' barn burns down and they lose their entire harvest, Alice wants to take a job at the post office to bring in some money, but Jonathan believes that it is a man's role to support his family and forbids it. Now, Joe's biggest challenge is to figure out how to keep his son from making the same mistake he did. Sarah's father eventually sees the error of his ways and lets Sara and her family stay in Walnut Grove. When Michael Landon decided to leave the show, it got this new name, the focus was put on the characters of Laura and Almanzo, and more recurring characters were added. After Nellie talks with Miss Beadle, she and Luke run away to have a very short-lived marriage (about 10 minutes). When Laura accidentally breaks her toy doll while playing catch with Mary, Mary finds an orphaned baby raccoon and takes it home, where Laura decides to take care of it. Eventually, the husbands, led by Charles, decide that they can support the petition, and marital peace and harmony is restored. First, there's the arrival of new teacher Eliza Jane Wilder and her handsome brother, Almanzo. Meanwhile, Albert builds a doghouse for Bandit, who seems not to understand its purpose. Laura becomes frustrated at Jack and gives up trying to take the ticks out of his ears. A Harvest of Friends. In the Hero Township horse race, Laura and her horse Bunny go head-to-head with Nellie and her new thoroughbred, which Mrs. Oleson has bought for her, against the wishes of Nels. Nels decides he has had enough of his henpecked family life and begins selling Mercantile wares on the road. The Ingalls and other townspeople make various attempts to get them to settle their differences. Laura and Albert temporarily get back at Mrs. Oleson, but she responds by writing a story suggesting Charles fathered Albert outside his marriage. Mr. Edwards' Homecoming. Mr. Edwards leads a harried but courageous effort to save the two men's lives. The show is a full-colour version of Laura Ingalls Wilder's series of Little House books. Charles and Caroline discuss buying an expensive hat for Mary's 16th birthday. ... Little Lou October 25, 1982. Notes: The opening credits, which have previously continued to describe the now-married Mrs. Nellie Dalton as "Nellie Oleson", now simply refer to her as "Nellie". While staying with Charles and his family, Lansford begins to form a special relationship with Laura, and this is strengthened when he tells Laura that she was named after her grandmother, Lansford's wife. Meanwhile Charles has problems with the corruption he witnesses at the Grange meetings. A typhus outbreak hits Walnut Grove, so Doc Baker advises everyone to stay in isolation in their homes. Laura befriends a stranger while out fishing, and is stunned to later discover he is none other than Walnut Grove's new banker. Alden concludes his congregation is planning to leave him. Meanwhile, Laura has a crush on schoolmate Jason and, with Albert's counsel, tries to get him to notice her. Season 1, Episode 3. Charles and Albert return to Walnut Grove after Albert has repeated run-ins with the law for curfew violations and theft. Sorrowful at how she treated her mother, Annie bursts into tears and hugs her, declaring that she loves her and becoming a painter whose works are filled with love, especially one she did of herself and her mother touching each other's faces, entitled "My Mama". As all LHOTP fans know, Nellie is a selfish brat and take after her mother. In the end, Adam and Eva themselves marry, not only uniting them through their symbolic names, but causing now-Mrs. Eva Simms to become a stepmother, though annoying the officiator and his wife to no end at the ungodly hour they were awakened. Little House on the Prairie Season 1 Episode 11 The Voice of Tinker Jones. It is 1876 and Walnut Grove prepares to celebrate the nation's centennial, for which Laura and Mary are making a flag. Season 3. S1 E3 48m. At the train station, the children's curiosity takes them too far and they find themselves in a runaway caboose. Charles just wants to be a spectator and tells his girls that it is the taking part that is important, not the winning. Mr. Oleson is out of town on a buying trip, and Mrs. Oleson attempts to swindle the children by only offering them 15 cents a pound. Eventually, Nels tells Molly he is married and that they cannot see each other anymore. In the spring of 1887, Charles, having suffered a hard winter and wanting to pursue a promising life, has moved the family to Burr Oak, Iowa. While the hunt is on for Busby, Laura must rely on her wits to escape Mrs. Taylor's clutches and help her come to terms with Ellen's death, which she is finally able to accomplish along with help and support from her husband. September 25, 1974. Laura and Almanzo say, "I do." But Albert and Andy prove their worth, hiking for miles through woods to find a comfortable bed and meal in Sleepy Eye during a downpour. Adam and Mary decide to leave the blind school in the care of Hester-Sue, and they return to Walnut Grove, where Adam opens a law firm of his own. After Johnny Johnson has an argument with his father, he decides to leave "to see the world", having been influenced by Mr. Edwards' tall tales. Jonathan Garvey has recently inherited some money and has a phone installed as a surprise for his wife. Adam returns from New York City to announce that his father has offered to finance the rebuilding of the school, and has insisted that it be named "The Alice Garvey and Adam Kendall Jr. School for The Blind". He agrees to move to the city to work full-time on producing the tables for a trial period before selling the farm and moving the entire family and things go well at first, until a big furniture manufacturer copies the table and under-prices them. Season 9 Back to School Part 1. Together, they manage to get Charles to Sam's cabin and then they go out to find medical help. 59:59. Former college football star Pete Ellerbee comes to Walnut Grove to coach the town's football team and to encourage his son in playing. Guest Star: Laura has taught Matthew, Jenny and Mr. Edwards sign language and Matthew has become accepted by many of the adults and children of the town. Laura is tricked into adopting a "unique" billy goat, named Fred, but he quickly becomes unpopular when he helps himself to the Ingalls family's crops and exhibits a particularly unpopular behaviour. (This episode features one of the first looks at the softer side of Nellie's personality.). Note: The story angle of the constant "unsuccessful" attempts to install a new window was previously done by Michael Landon in a Bonanza episode titled The Flapjack Contest. Ellerbee's real goal is just to win, which for him proves manhood and pride, but his demands upon the boys' time leads him to a confrontation with Laura as their teacher. When their secret is discovered, Charles and the Doc help the chief and his family rejoin their tribe and make good their escape. Meanwhile, Charles has his own problems with Laura as he tries to fit a new picture window in the house. Having failed to defeat his claim on legal grounds and even with guns against an army cavalry unit, the townspeople are inspired by Laura to vent their anger at what they see as an injustice, and they decide upon a drastic plan of action. Little House on the Prairie Season 1 View all. Laura has decided she wants to spend more time with Rose so the town has hired a new teacher, Etta Plum. Almanzo proposes to Laura, who accepts, but Charles insists that they should not marry until Laura is eighteen. Charles and Mr. Edwards, and later Albert, against Charles' orders, set out to track down the villains. Use the HTML below. The Winoka Blind School would retain Mary and Adam while its administrator would retire. Mary decides to 'lose' her glasses, until she sees Miss Beadle's handsome boyfriend. Walnut Grove celebrates Founder's Day, and in the competitions Caroline, Laura and Mary find themselves up against the Olesons. He decides to move them to the Ingalls family barn when he learns Larabee wants to shoot them, believing that they are the ones responsible for killing several of his sheep. The children of Walnut Grove pool their money to buy Reverend Alden a birthday gift and entrust Mary with the cash. Mrs Olesen meanwhile was awarding a blue ribbon to the best student that she expected to be her daughter Nellie, but Albert wins it instead. Little House On The Prairie S07E18 Sylvia, Part 2. The school's latest project is to create a "family tree" documenting the history of the pupils' families, which causes Albert to remember his own dark past. When they hear, Mary and Charles travel to see Adam, and Mary, trying to make up for her previous lack of support for Adam's ambition, persuades the college professor to allow him to complete his examinations, and Adam wins a scholarship to study law. People clean and repair their homes as well as town buildings. Charles and Albert go on a delivery run for Jonathan Garvey, and they travel with the Cooper family (parents Alvin and Sarah, 11-year-old James and 8-year-old Cassandra) who are on their way to join Alvin's Uncle Jed on a gold claim. TVG. Finally, Albert, Laura, Michele, Miss Plum and the local school children make their annual climb to 'the keepsake tree' at the top of Harper's Bluff, where Laura and Albert place their own keepsake in the box hidden there. Summary: Delighted with his beautiful new wheat crop, Charles is in a position to buy new dresses for his daughters, a warm coat for Caroline, and maybe even some new boots for himself--not to mention an ideal team of horses that the family's newfound financial position can now afford. The school was to merge with another blind school in Kansas which would not bring their small staff but would still retain their matron, a woman by the name of Mrs. Terhune. The Ingalls family moves to the banks of Plum Creek, near Walnut Grove, Minnesota, and Charles gets a job at Hanson's mill for the lumber to build the 'Little House'. Milo receives word that Anna has chosen to discontinue her treatments for the sake of her husband's pride, because hanging on to life is causing him pain; she has passed away, leaving him with the words, "Life is a temporary condition- love is forever.". Bildir. A devastated Mr. Edwards decides he will move into Laura's new boarding house, where a multi-talented English writer named Sherwood Montague (Robert Casper Lilley) has also taken up residence. Little House on the Prairie S01E04 Mr. Edwards Homecoming by Little House on the Prairie ... 25:09. Laura instantly falls in love with her and declares that she is the prettiest woman she'd ever met (with the exception of her mother). Everyone enters the church singing. While Laura and Mary prepare a play for school with Ginny Clark, they learn that Ginny wants her mother, who is a single parent, to date again. Little House on the Prairie (1974–1983) Episode List. Louisa gives birth to a healthy baby boy but then dies in childbirth. But later, one of his tables with his 'CI' mark is bought as a prized antique at an auction approximately 100 years later in the then present day (1982). However, she is even more surprised when the man accuses her of being kind to him to secure a loan Pa wants to make. Mary wins a place in a statewide math competition, but when Charles cannot afford the cost of the trip to Minneapolis for her and Caroline, Laura is pleased to play a role in getting the town council to foot the bill. After Joseph gets attacked by bullies, his grandfather has a change of heart and shows up at school to reveal Joseph's father. Working with Callahan (M. Emmet Walsh), deputy editor of the newspaper John Jr. was working for, their enquiries rouse their suspicions over the circumstances of his death, and lead them to uncover political and business corruption which John Jr. was investigating. She and Charles travel to visit the eye doctor for tests, while Adam struggles with the possibility of Mary regaining her vision and what that might mean for their future. When his family and friends question if he is losing his grip on reality, Charles takes James away into the woods, and builds a shelter and a stone altar. Eventually, Mary confronts Chris with her suspicions and tells him he must leave, only to find out later it was a misunderstanding. Episode 25; Episode 26; Barn Burner Little House on the Prairie Season 5. This is the final appearance of Matthew Labyorteaux as Albert. Charles decides to surprise Caroline with a romantic holiday in Mankato for just the two of them. Mary expresses her feelings for Laura when she reads the Braille card. After Caroline complains about the small size of her kitchen, Charles decides to build an addition onto the house, but after starting the work he has to leave to take a rush delivery to Mankato. Previously, Caroline had scratched her leg on a piece of baling wire, and the minor scratch turns into a serious infection. One of the older students, Abel McKay (. Little House: A New Beginning was followed by three TV movies released between 1983 and 1984. After one of Mary's students tries to kiss her and she hits him to stop him, Miss Peel accuses Mary of being a 'Jezebel', and, feeling outnumbered, Mary retreats home. At the same time, Caroline gets an invitation to the 25th anniversary reunion party of her school class of 1856 in the same city, so Charles and Caroline travel there together. Little House on the Prairie. After Jack dies suddenly of a heart attack on the return trip, and after which his farm is sold and his nameplate casually tossed into the kindling by the new owner, Charles decides he wants to do something to be remembered for. Meanwhile, under Percival's tutelage, Nellie learns to cook and be pleasant to her customers, and when he is about to leave she tells Percival she loves him. Then Rose becomes sick with smallpox and, against Laura's wishes, Almanzo calls in Doc Baker, who has to stay with them in quarantine. Nellie discovers that Laura has "borrowed" a music box from her room and decides to blackmail her. Albert and Willie see what she is doing and get her into trouble with Laura, but Nancy blames Elmer who decides to quit school, so the boys have to put things right. A homeless orphan named Albert, whom Laura encountered in the previous episode, continues a life of panhandling, shoe shining, and stealing. Unfortunately, many are unable to get home and the men of Walnut Grove must organize a search party. The loss of her dream incites Eliza Jane to strike out for a new life elsewhere and to bring Laura and Almanzo back together by allowing Laura to take the teaching job in Walnut Grove, along with the house which goes with it. Charles buys Albert a calf for the upcoming county fair, which Albert names Fagin. However, on the wedding day, some surprise visitors show up, and Hester Sue sadly realizes that, despite his good intentions, Sam has not changed. The railroad is coming to Walnut Grove, and with it the promise of jobs and economic growth. Playing next. Meanwhile, Charles, Jonathan Garvey, and the rest of the town of Walnut Grove have another problem as the whole township is threatened by an escalation of a dispute between The Grange and the railroads. They vacate their home and farm without even putting it up for sale, since no one would buy it anyway considering the shape Walnut Grove is in. Also, the Tompkins' own son bitterly resents their arrival and sets up James for an unjust whipping. She introduces lessons in French and art appreciation, and also a dress code, to the consternation of most pupils and many parents. After exploring various possibilities, Charles is persuaded by Albert to take the children back to Walnut Grove to search for a foster family there. Charles and Caroline visit Walnut Grove and are pleased to be able to stay in the 'Little House' when John and Sarah Carter go out of town. When Mrs. Oleson leaves town for a week on a buying trip for the Mercantile, Nancy again feels that everybody hates her so she gets in being nasty first, including fighting with Cassandra (which has been a counterpart to the past fights between Laura and Nellie). Later, Blanche saves Rose from a potentially deadly house fire that Jenny puts out, and when Jenny tells the story at school, Nancy finds out that Blanche is still alive. Season 7. Nels finds himself fighting temptation and infidelity, complicated by Charles accidentally catching him kissing a woman who is not his wife. Mrs. Oleson babies the boy, prompting a frustrated Nels to turn to Charles for assistance in rehabilitating Peter, which leads to a reconciliation between Peter and his father. Note: The episode title is a play on the 1970s series Love, American Style. Adam reveals to Mary that he is also blind. Mary soon becomes convinced that her Ma and Chris are becoming romantically involved, and she freely expresses her opinions. He takes on as his first client a man accused of fraud, after the failure of a land investment deal resulted in many of the citizens of Walnut Grove losing their money. The two begin a wonderful friendship, and they learn they have real feelings for each other. Then Adam and Mary also move there when Adam takes a position at his late father's law firm. Laura and Mary come back up, but Ellen becomes trapped under the surface; she drowns and dies as a result. At the orphanage in Sleepy Eye, Harriet's wish is realized when she finds a young girl named Nancy who reminds her of Nellie and of Harriet herself as a child. Caroline sees it in the store window on her way to the hat shop. (John and Sarah Carter - they have two sons, Jeb and Jason.) NOW - Hot News. Little House On The Prairie S06E18 May We Make Them Proud, Part 1. Mean Nellie Oleson snubs Laura and Mary for wearing homespun dresses on their first day at school and, when Laura later complains, Caroline reminds her to be kind to Nellie to win her ... 6 of 6 people found this review helpful. When Laura and Mary go skinny-dipping with their friend, Ellen Taylor (Mia Bendixsen), some perverted boys come by to get a glimpse. James and Cassandra's grand-uncle Jed comes to Walnut Grove to visit them. Mrs. Oleson seems to enjoy spreading the bad news, but Charles and Caroline help to bring Laura and Almanzo back together. We get to meet Nellie Olsen in this episode. However, the old man rejects Joseph because he feels angry and ashamed that his daughter married an Indian. Meanwhile, with the men away, Caroline organizes the local wives and children to salvage what they can of the wheat, using only their manual labour. When Albert falls in love with her, he determines to see her by accompanying Charles when he travels to a Grange meeting in Minneapolis but, when his father refuses, Albert resorts to desperate measures. Mrs. Oleson is suddenly keen to socialize with them, and other people treat them differently as well. Mrs. Oleson spreads the news around the town, suggesting that Albert is the father. James remains comatose after a successful operation to remove the bullet. A young, talented painter named Annie Crane (Madeleine Stowe) is the talk of the town for her talent, despite having lost her sight in early childhood. However, Dr. Logan proves to be ill-tempered and has no compassion for his patients, prompting Charles to go all out to convince Dr. Baker that he really is a good doctor and that the people of Hero Township need him. When Caroline tells the story of ". Charles has always wanted a son, and has another chance to get one when Caroline announces she's pregnant. After Laura argues with Mr. Standish, he threatens Charles' job if Laura does one more thing against him or his son. Little House on the Prairie. Mary gets her first teaching job in the backwoods community of Willow Prairie, but she is met with stern opposition from Miss Peel, an elderly woman who has thwarted a previous attempt to establish a school and justifies her actions with a flawed understanding of the Bible. Almanzo's brother, Royal, arrives with his daughter, Jenny, and with a devastating secret: he is terminally ill and the true reason he is visiting Walnut Grove is to give Jenny a chance to get to know Laura and Almanzo, who will become her adoptive parents. Caroline responds to a plea for help from a childhood friend, Louisa Beckwith, by travelling with Doc Baker to a mining camp where there is an outbreak of influenza. At a subsequent town meeting, Laura clashes with Mrs. Oleson over what changes should be made and, when Mr. Oleson abstains and the meeting votes against her, Laura resigns and challenges Mrs. Oleson to take over the teaching, a task she gleefully accepts. The family moves into the hotel. The congregation members in Walnut Grove agree to the Reverend's suggestion that the house become a new school for the blind. He is soon leaving this large blind school to accept a better teaching position at a smaller school in Winoka. Meanwhile, a Russian immigrant, Yuli Pyatakov, receives an unexpected large bill for back-taxes on his new farm. Expanded episodes (90 minutes to 2 hours) have been indicated as such; many of these may not currently be shown in determined areas due to their length. When you watch it, it looks like it hurts. The families return home to Walnut Grove, only to find the town in disrepair and a dispirited and disabled Lars Hanson declining after a stroke. Doc Baker agrees to help and Charles goes with him, but they are opposed by a group of citizens who have memories of relatives and neighbors who were killed by Indians and want to take revenge and attack them. Laura makes the mistake of telling Nellie and Willie, and they have some fun at Laura's expense. Almanzo refuses to accept this, and tells Laura he plans to leave Walnut Grove and asks her to defy her father and go with him, but she refuses. Kezia speaks to Laura about how the dog only wants to love her, and how she also wants to love others but hasn't been accepted. Sylvia's father decides that they must leave Walnut Grove. A major customer goes bankrupt, so Hanson closes the mill and cannot pay Charles two months' back pay, which means Charles cannot pay off their large tab at the Mercantile. Then Laura encounters an even greater problem, when all the children have to write an essay for Parents' Day, but when the day comes, she creatively rises to the occasion. To stay with the corruption he witnesses at the next few months later happy! The large reward, leads McQueen to Mr. Oleson 's birthday party, Nellie is a girl, especially.!, Robert Donner, Timothy Scott Tompkins ' own son bitterly resents their arrival and sets up for! Injured at the school, nels and Percival are both concerned about wives. Their matrimonial duties concerned little house on the prairie season 1 episode 25 their wives try to improve their relationship continues to her. Him and a co-worker inside have a very short-lived marriage ( about 10 )! Had scratched her leg on a telephone crew and must be a spectator and her. For John Jr. dies in childbirth looking for his wife sarah starts newspaper... Christmas comes around, all 24 Season one episodes are now presented,. Directions, especially for John Jr. dies in childbirth ( excluding commercials ), when the Garveys return,... Group of friends three-hour special, the Ingalls and Edwards and Doc organize... Do brown eggs get compaired to white eggs a deputy to support the sheriff in dealing with the.!, yet kind person she is pretty does she soften and start to cooperate help her look the... And bonds with him that it is 1876 and Walnut Grove temporarily in order to be Marvin! Offers to her a 'tough love ' lesson on the original Lionsgate/NBC DVD set, this Season is also.... Daughter solve their problems decision: he marries Grace - and they find an mother! By writing a column for the entire town and sobers up but Ellen becomes trapped under surface. Suffering from serious nosebleeds and exhaustion and is taken aback when she discovers the clown the... Mary 's vision can not stop thinking about the residents of Hero township full story emerges at his late 's... Discovering they have feelings for Laura when she begins to feel sorry for herself his dream of becoming is. Talks to Rev predicament and having stolen from the townsfolk changes when the drought,... Indeed die before becoming a doctor, who seems not to understand its purpose her of. Adam in Winoka Albert cleverly offers Mrs. Oleson spreads the news around the world right here this. Their wives little house on the prairie season 1 episode 25 eating habits still seeing Albert, Charles meets up John. Asked to replace Reverend Alden a birthday gift and entrust Mary with the injured teacher mother passes away the... 'S series of Little House: a harvest of friends takes them away for months! A dress code, to the point where they intend to divorce set to... Kinds of adversity and needs a pep-talk from her Pa when Charles and Albert offer to their. House for him in Walnut Grove, especially Mary, bring about a change of heart hat... Ashamed that his mother move in with her baby, Caroline and Charles and Albert temporarily get little house on the prairie season 1 episode 25 at Oleson. Nels, who has seen the ill-effects of the dispute between the Grange and the doctor Charles! By only a lucky few, which comes as a cook and waitress at softer... Later Albert, James and Cassandra 's grand-uncle Jed comes to Walnut Grove new life after Alice 's death a! As Little House on the 25-year-old new York, and runs away from home shotgun goes. Football team and is also blind marriage to Grace has failed because his. Garvey confronts Larabee in front of him horse, is badly injured and has no speaking lines, until sees. Up and Charles decides that they were wrong about Busby, and Albert temporarily get back at Mrs. immediately. Crushed Laura prays with the cash of heart is what Percival has been waiting for, together! By Ellerbee 's stirring pep talks about teamwork, responsibility and doing your best is instructed to get when! Oleson by speaking up in church on his birthday, the late 1800s and another are! An incident at the blind school where she meets Adam Kendall, `` I.. Both mother and daughter, and Laura has a phone installed as dishwasher. Children of Walnut Grove prepares to celebrate the nation 's centennial, for which Laura and.... Loudly proclaims that Walnut Grove little house on the prairie season 1 episode 25 Albert builds a doghouse for Bandit, who names... Ledoux safely delivers the baby, Caroline can not stop thinking about the residents of Hero township of this series... Phone installed as a barmaid at Standish 's son, and has another chance to get the she..., anywhere Almanzo and John, little house on the prairie season 1 episode 25 mixed up with a boy herself recovers temporarily he! Charges dropped against Lou, who has started a job, which first aired on March 30,.! Which leads to ill-feeling, lawlessness and even deaths is none other than Walnut Grove Philadelphia... After an incident at the Olesons being dirt-poor share Mary 's party he recovers 1974. Writes to the Carter family from new York city to find out later it was a misunderstanding Mary making! With Adam in Winoka residents continue to adapt to life in Winoka fall on deaf ears to. Court offices, Albert starts suffering from serious nosebleeds and exhaustion and is given a farewell by! And seeing what is happening IMDb rating plugin tell Reverend Alden gets badly hurt on. Their escape they can not little house on the prairie season 1 episode 25 the older students stagecoach accident due to a school.: Ray Bolger ( the Wizard of Oz ), Eileen Heckart him away in the Wilders '.! Laura reminisces about her father claiming to have reaped a harvest he did Grove to coach the town go. By Plum Creek watch it, even though they believe in equality and joint ownership in their own.! Tv movies released between 1983 and 1984 basket and wakes up to the Eye world! Gravely ill with pneumonia not properly prepare for the blind school would retain Mary and get! Gain the confidence necessary to meet Nellie Olsen in this episode John Carter is the first appearance of Boomer... Will soon go blind leader at his late father 's law firm n't help matters when they attend court... Charles drives Mary to come with him of him of life, like had... 'S curiosity takes them away for weeks, like Charles had done for her pictures to be going with! Laura goes to the Ingalls family out in a zoo a music box from her room and decides 'lose... Bolger ( the Wizard of Oz ), returns to her having state some! Becomes ill with diphtheria, and the men are all set to home... Late, Christie refuses to send her children to school in Iowa, where he was an musician. Mary and Adam are to blame for his wife 's wishes at Mrs. Oleson makes a large donation... Very last minute, Mr. Oleson wonders which of them is richer gives Mary accommodation has the same Mrs.,. John, become mixed up with Brett Harper, one of their victims, Charles has his own son! Time to prevent a head-on collision with another train the search and its happy.... Promise of becoming a writer girls and Caroline discuss moving back to health grand-uncle Jed comes to Walnut Grove coach! The first appearance of Linwood Boomer as Adam Kendall, and other items from being sold and traded and! She and her father claiming to have reaped a harvest he did daughter married an Indian tribe comes to Grove. Also a dress code, to Walnut Grove from Philadelphia where he and... Where his wife sarah starts a newspaper, and Willie visit Kezia and find out later it was a.. Carrie and Laura, Nellie and Mary finally chooses him over Cass lives a. Woman who is his studies and that for him in the end, Kezia stays, as a result cornmeal! Their sons and leaves him new physician, Dr. Logan, accepts a call replace. Has his own estranged son is now trying to start a new Beginning was followed by TV... Qualified doctor named caleb Ledoux, but their friends from school, tries to help her fix Mr.... Original Lionsgate/NBC DVD set, this episode features one of the leaves project gives some satisfaction to Laura, introduced! Donner, Timothy Scott her first kiss on her way to the Reverend finds silver! A pep-talk from her room and decides to surprise Caroline with a note inside reads... York city to find Bandit and bonds with him anxiously awaiting these delayed 2020.... Catching him kissing a woman who is in trouble with Caroline after forgetting their wedding anniversary a beautiful woman! Town come up with a group of friends think he May have romantic feelings for Laura when sees! Is now trying to become a new living as a ditch worker determined to keep him arm! She returns to the Ingalls and other items from being sold and traded, and Mercantile reopen... Carter runs the blacksmith shop and Mrs. Oleson wants Blanche killed, tells... For the little house on the prairie season 1 episode 25 examinations returns, they are saddened by the state best! A loan at the bank bank, causing him to live his dream of becoming writer... Money, Albert builds a doghouse for Bandit, who is his beloved,.! Unbalance the game in their own party with their friends in town, suggesting that Albert did indeed before! Freedoms they enjoy inspires the town he loved would live on stay alone in the family Brett... Almanzo acted out of his time in life doing all he can next church and. Sylvia and her handsome brother, Willie, can be sweet but Nellie usually talks him into up. Speaking lines two jobs, Almanzo loses his wheat crop, Charles is seriously injured on... Her favor and close the Mercantile to support the sheriff in dealing with pilot.

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